One Direction Fail At Attempt To Recreate ‘The Hangover’

By Zachary Swickey

Teen heartthrobs One Direction have been taking the globe by storm, but the global takeover hit a snag when the boy band charmers arrived in Sin City and were reportedly tossed out of a string of Vegas casinos for being underage. (To their credit, overseas they’re quite legal to booze and gamble as much as they want.)

Adding to the snafu is the fact that the boys were told their luxurious suite was the same one found in the instant-classic flick “The Hangover” – only to discover that the 2009 comedy was actually filmed at locations in Los Angeles.

“The boys were hoping to go wild in Vegas by boozing and gambling into the early hours,” a source revealed to British tabloid The Sun.

However, things didn’t go as planned. The source continued, “But security at every casino in town knew who the lads were and threw them out because the legal drinking and gambling age in the U.S. is 21.”

And yeah, they supposedly weren’t happy about not having the “Hangover” suite either: “Finding out the hotel suite they had ordered wasn’t the one in ‘The Hangover’ was also pretty annoying.”

The basketball court in their several thousand dollar suite must not have been enough! The Palms hotel suite they did book is two floors with its very own hot-tub, pool table and basketball court.

The gentlemen of One Direction are still on the road for their stateside tour, which hits Dallas Saturday and will later return to the scene of the crime with their final US date in September in Las Vegas.

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