Two Years Later, Glamberts Remain A Fan Army To Beat

The third cycle of the O Music Awards, MTV’s show that honors the achievements in digital music and web culture, are just around the corner (June 27 at 7:30 EST to be exact), so if you haven’t cast your vote for Best Artist with a Cameraphone, Best Online Concert Experience, Best Web-Born Artist or Most Adorable Viral Star, among many others, you should get to votin’ already!

One of the most exciting categories for we pop culture savants in the MTV Newsroom is Fan Army FTW. You see, we deal with fan armies all the time. In my time here at MTV, I’ve been both embraced and scorned by Little Monsters, gotten yelled at by the Rihanna Navy and felt the love of the Beehive. It’s always an eye-opening experience and serves as an eternal reminder of just how dedicated a fan can be to the star they love.

>> Fan Army Manifestos: Adam Lambert’s “Glamberts”

One of the chief fan armies out there are the Glamberts, a varied bunch who lavish nothing but love on pop star Adam Lambert. Our pals at the O Music Awards blog have put together a fantastic “Fan Army Manifesto” on the Glamberts that you just have to watch to see the impact the platinum-selling “American Idol” runner-up has had on their lives. Check it out:

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Of course, here at MTV News, we’ve been on the Glambert beat for years. Back in the summer of 2010, we caught up with some of Lamberts biggest fans on a scorching summer day as they lined up more than 24 hours before the pop star’s show at the Nokia Theatre in advance of his “Glam Nation Tour” stop at the venue.

>> Rabid Adam Lambert Fans Line Up 24 Hours Before New York Show

If the two videos make one thing clear, it’s that Lambert’s fans remain as dedicated as ever.

Don’t forget to vote for Fan Army FTW over at the O Music Awards site and check out our chat with Lambert’s fans, after the jump.

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