Justin Bieber’s 7 Cutest MTV Moments (Video)

By Cory Midgarden

Coming down from the release of his new album Believe and his MTV News special “Bieber Live,” Justin Bieber fans were treated to quite an array of memorable and, dare we say, cute moments throughout yesterday’s celebrations. From his acoustic performance of “Die in Your Arms” to his impromptu photos with our Times Square audience, the 18-year-old had fans of all ages in the palm of his hand.

Just when you thought your Bieber Fever had finally broke, we here at MTV News dug up some archival footage that will definitely take your temperature back through the roof.

Check out Justin’s cutest MTV moments:

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Bieber Calls Beyoncé “Future Wife”

Although Jay-Z had already put a ring on it a year prior, back in 2009, a 15-year-old Bieber had his eyes on the rapper’s superstar wife. “This next video is from my future wife,” he said when counting down his favorite music videos during an episode of MTV’s “Hitlist.” “Just kidding, she’s taken by Jay-Z,” he followed-up. Even though it was only meant as a joke, we can’t help but think “Bieboncé” has a nice sound to it.

Beat Boxing with the Biebs

We all know where he got his start, but did you know YouTube is to thank for some of Bieber’s swag as well? It’s true! In 2009, he credited the website for his ability to beat box. “Yeah, I’m into beat boxing,” he said during 2009 promo for music.mtv.com. “I learned how to do it by watching a video on YouTube.”

Justin’s VMA Debut

In 2009, Justin Bieber made his VMA debut, stepping out with a veteran (Sean “Diddy” Combs) on our award show red carpets. If his on-air shout out to super-fan Tricia Matibag didn’t melt your heart, the fact that his signature ’do barely reached Diddy’s shoulder at the time just might.

Justin’s First VMA Performance

What a difference a year can make! By 2010, the Biebs was playing not one, not two but three songs at the VMAs! While the cuteness from his medley was through the roof, what really pulled on our heartstrings were the dozens of hysterical fans chasing the pop star in his old-school letterman jacket and shiny red convertible. Classic.

Think You Know Justin Bieber? You Have No Idea!

In 2010, the Biebs took us behind the scenes of his life in an episode of MTV’s “Diary.” Only two words can encompass the adorableness of this clip: Hair Flip.

Smooches for Selena

One of the most memorable “Cute Bieber” moments almost didn’t make air. It all went down during the 2011 VMA Pre-Show when co-host (and girlfriend) Selena Gomez was interviewing her beau on that year’s black carpet. After a super sweet Q&A between the two, Justin planted a wet one right on Gomez’s cheek before cameras cut. Thankfully the MTV News team was still rolling, so we were able to catch the whole kiss LIVE.

Justin Bieber Punks Taylor Swift

While he’s known as a prankster, accepting the “PUNK’D” torch from Ashton Kutcher is no easy task. But after tricking gal pal Taylor Swift into thinking she blew up a wedding cruise, we knew the Biebs was up for the j-o-b. And yes, although the whole thing was devious, we can’t help but think the whole thing was charming at the same time. Unbeliebable.

What is your favorite “Cute Bieber” moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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