Lady Gaga Fans Crash Servers In South African Ticket Frenzy

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's "Born this Way Ball" has hit some road bumps since kicking off in South Korea in late-April. Many of the massive tour's dates in Asia were plagued by protests from Christian and Islamic groups, culminating in a particularly frightening situation in Indonesia, where an Islamic extremist organization threatened the pop superstar with violence, forcing her to cancel a sold-out show in Jakarta.

One thing the road show has not encountered is a lack of interest from fans. Each of the 16 Asian shows that did go forward sold out, and in less than two months, the tour has already pulled in a staggering $45 million.

Gaga will be able to add two shows in South Africa to her sell-out list … just as soon as the ticketseller gets its website back up and running after a deluge of Little Monsters crashed it. Less than 24 hours after the "Bad Romance" diva announced plans to play concerts in Johannesburg on November 30 and Cape Town on December 3, fans rushed web retailer Computicket so hard that servers shut down after being overwhelmed by traffic.

"Just woke up to emails saying South African monsters crashed the online ticket servers due to high demand for The Btw Ball! I can't believe it," Gaga tweeted late yesterday (June 19).

Computicket promises it is working to rectify the problem.

Gaga is currently in Australia, with the first of three shows at Sydney's Allphones Arena planned for tonight. The star also happily reported earlier today that she is just fine after suffering a concussion during a concert in Auckland, New Zealand when a dancer accidentally hit her with a set piece mid-song (and she kept right on performing after).

"Went for an MRI. No harm from the concussion but it appears my brain is just water and a large floating jellyfish," she joked on Twitter.