Usher Teaches Love 101 On 'Lessons For The Lovers'

By Christina Garibaldi

Usher has never made it a secret that he usually sings for the ladies. After all, he planned a ladies-only tour, fittingly titled One Night Stand, in 2008. With past hits like "Nice and Slow," "Trading Places" and "U Got It Bad," Usher has lyrically and visually captured women's hearts around the world.

Now, with his seventh studio album, Looking 4 Myself, Usher is still tantalizing everyone with his club-banging hits, sultry voice, catchy beats and lyrics that might make every woman flush.

The tracklist alone could be interpreted different ways, with titles like "Climax," "Euphoria" and "Lessons for the Lover." So when MTV News sat down with Usher recently, we asked him what lessons for the lovers he might be teaching on his latest effort.

"Well, if there are lovers out there, still to this day we have to find ways to communicate, it's difficult, but you know ... man, am I blushing right now?" Usher said, getting a little embarrassed explaining the track. "That song is specifically for those lovers who have kind of those heated moments. I think coming together ... is definitely a way to work through your harder issues."

I think you have us blushing right now, Usher!