Canada Is Mad At Rob Lowe

When you are going to be tied up working on location out of the country, it's probably not in your best interest to call the place a "hellhole," something "Parks and Recreation" star Rob Lowe is learning first hand.

In Winnipeg, Canada to shoot a made-for-TV movie about Casey Anthony and her lawyer (of course he is!), Lowe has the locals in a tizzy after writing a message on Twitter that ended with the hashtag "#Trappedinahellhole."

Lowe's tweet seems like more of a complaint about the local sports bar he was watching the NBA playoffs in – the station interrupted the game for coverage of a municipal election – than about Winnipeg itself, but area residents quickly fired back on Twitter, calling Lowe a "jerk, a schmuck and other names," according to the Edmonton Journal.

(Ed note: Canadians are so nice! We've been called FAR worse for our Internet scribbling about pop songs.)

Interestingly, the Journal notes, there were no municipal elections in Manitoba on Tuesday. The station Lowe was complaining about was likely based across the Canadian border in Grand Forks, North Dakota.