This Is The House That 'Girls' Built

By Zachary Swickey

You’re most certainly not hip with the latest in hit television if you’ve yet to catch an episode of HBO’s newest offering of comedy gold, “Girls.” The show was created by 26-year-old Lena Dunham and has been called the “Sex and the City” for a new generation. Now, Dunham appears to be mirroring her character's outer-borough leanings by snatching a cozy, 800-square-foot apartment in New York City’s Brooklyn Heights area.

Real estate blog The Realestalker reports that Dunham’s new pad is a one-bedroom co-op in a “large and dignified, pre-war doorman building” in a lush area on Hicks Street. Property records indicate that she paid $500,000 for her new digs, which are found on an “urbanely charming” tree-lined street.

For those surprised that Dunham chose the more familial Brooklyn Heights area over hipster-friendly Williamsburg (or Greenpoint, where the show's characters live), she explained her reasoning in Sunday’s New York Times thusly, saying, “We lived there all through my high-school career, so I have an intense attachment to it. Other people think of Brooklyn Heights as where you become elderly, but I think of it as where you try pot for the first time.”

For those unfamiliar, “Girls” follows the lives of a group of twenty-somethings as they navigate their way through life in the Big Apple. The show is produced by comedy genius Judd Apatow and has been a runaway hit. Some major aspects of the main character were inspired by some of Dunham’s real-life experiences.

The show was created by Dunham following the success of her indie hit “Tiny Furniture,” which was a semi-autobiographical film about her moving back into her parents’ loft following college. Dunham directed “Furniture” at the spry age of 24 on a budget of only $50,000, which helped pave the way for “Girls.”