Chris Brown Approves Of Our Homage To Him In The MTV Newsroom (Pic)

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Superstars pass through the MTV Newsroom on a daily basis. Usually, they are in and out without much fanfare. They stop by to do their jobs and promote their projects, and we are here to facilitate that, conducting interviews, editing videos and writing up articles. A great time is had by all … it's a great gig if you can get it.

The staff here loves music and movies and the people who make those things happen, so everywhere you look, you see a famous face. Cardboard cutouts of Lady Gaga, Madonna and Lauren Conrad stand tall on our file cabinets, Lindsay Lohan's mug shots adorn the walls and all of our cubicles are filled with images of our favorite stars (to my own left is Nicki Minaj's black-and-white poster for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards that features the hip-hop superstar riding a motorcycle in a leather jumpsuit). The environment around here is just as chaotic, cluttered and fun as you'd imagine it would be.

On a wall in the middle of the newsroom is a poster of Chris Brown on a jet ski that one MTV staffer superimposed in front of a massive explosion. It was made here at our Digital Oasis image center a few years ago and until today was mostly just another funny image of a star whose every move we cover.

Brown swung through the newsroom today for an interview promoting his latest album, Fortune, and loved the homage. He enjoyed the poster so much that he agreed to be a good sport and strike a playful pose in front of it, as you can see above!

Just another day at the office!