Rihanna Is Hopping Mad At A British Tabloid Over Body Double Claims

Rihanna always hits Twitter hard and with no filter, so it's no surprise the pop superstar – who recently scored her 22nd top ten hit with "Where Have You Been" – went to her medium of choice to respond to a British tabloid's claim that a body double was used in her latest Armani jeans ad. And, as usual, she didn't hold back!

In the ad (after the jump), Rihanna's face and fantastic body are on full display as she writhes around on bed clad in underwear before getting up to hang up a telephone, slip on a pair of Armani jeans and head to the airport. (A steamy message in a mirror indicates she's to be there at 6.) Here is where the The Sun claims model Jahnassa Aicken's body was used, as Rihanna's face is out of the frame and all that is seen is a curvy, lingerie-clad backside pulling on jeans.

The Sun says the 27-year-old Irish model was booked by a Belfast-based agency to supplement the footage of Rihanna with close-ups of her cleavage and backside.

Rihanna's response was high on attitude but not particularly tasteful.

(We had to do a little censoring for the kiddies, but if you'd like to see her comment in full, it's here on her Twitter.)

We're not going to wade into the these waters too much further, except to say that we're not sure the famously fit woman with the below billboard in Times Square – the image of which Rihanna tweeted earlier today – would really need a body double.

[caption id="attachment_59070" align="alignnone" width="575" caption="Rihanna, Twitter"][/caption]

This isn't the only time Rihanna has recently hit out at a British tab for running less-than-flattering stories on her. On June 8, she tweeted an image from the Daily Mirror suggesting her hard partying has her "Ready for RIHab." Check out her response below!