Madonna On Nipple-Flashing: 'I Don't Like To Repeat Myself'

Madonna caused quite the ruckus when she flashed her right breast during the the Istanbul, Turkey stop on her "MDNA Tour." It's nothing we haven't seen before – Her Madgesty published a coffee table photo book called "Sex" in 1992, after all – but it certainly has been a while. It was like being greeted by an old friend we haven't seen since high school!

The kerfuffle got us thinking about something we remember Madonna saying while she was out promoting her appearance at this year's Super Bowl.

We're big M fans, you see, and have a tendency to remember when she sits for a particularly fun interview, which was the case when she visited "The Tonight Show" back on January 30. She was in good spirits and was being more playful than usual when host Jay Leno asked her if there was anything the NFL had asked her not do during her performance.

"Well, for sure no nipples," Madonna joked. "I wasn't going to go there. I mean, I don't like to repeat myself … or do what other people have done before me."

We guess she was being Super Bowl specific. Check it out below (M talks nips at the 2:24 mark):