Grab A Tissue, PBS Has Remixed Mr. Rogers' Lessons Into 'Garden of Your Mind' Video

Grab some Kleenex and get ready to tear up and feel inspired, PBS Digital Studios has teamed up with Symphony of Science's John D. Boswell to create "Garden of Your Mind," an autotuned mash-up video of the late Fred Rogers speak-singing about the power of curiosity, imagination and learning.

Like just about everything affiliated with Mr. Rogers, the clip, the first of many planned remix videos set to feature PBS icons, is incredibly moving. This is, after all, the man who taught many of us to tie our shoes and believe we could do anything we set our minds on.

"Do you ever imagine things?" Rogers starts. "Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?"

The video contains scenes from more than three decades of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" and was was released on PBS' Facebook page today (June 6).

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"When we discovered video mash-up artist John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, on YouTube, we immediately wanted to work together," the description on the video on PBS Digital Studios' YouTube channel reads. "Turns out that he is a huge 'Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood' fan, and was thrilled at the chance to pay tribute to one of our heroes. Both PBS and the Fred Rogers Company hope you like John’s celebration of Fred Rogers’ message."

Watch below (we were serious about that tissue, guys):