Album Trailers Are The New Thing: Check Out The Clip For The Killers' Battle Born

Yesterday it was Muse and today it's the Killers … album trailers are officially the new thing!

The Killers revealed the trailer for their fall 2012 release Battle Born on their VEVO page today (June 7) and the sound is, well, very much like most other Killers albums. Things kick off with some ambient sounds that evolve into a heavy synth line, which itself builds to a crescendo before introducing some drums. Sounds about right.

Visually, the clip opens on a sunset before seguing to a campfire intercut with a montage of shots of the band and flashes to the album title being spelled out letter by letter.

NME reports that track titles confirmed for Battle Born include "Heart Of A Girl," "Flesh And Bone," "Carry Me Home" and "Runaways." The band is again working with producer Stuart Price, who previously worked with the band on their last effort, 2008's Day & Age, and is best known for his years-long collaboration with Madonna, which began when he was hired as the musical director for her 2001 "Drowned World Tour" after remixing some of the tracks on Music and reached its peak when he produced her Grammy-winning 2005 album Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Other producers working on the album include Steve Lillywhite, Damian Taylor and Brendan O'Brien, who is well known for his work with veteran rock acts like Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Incubus and Stone Temple Pilots.

While the music in the trailer might be classic Killers, the eclectic producer lineup suggests the band may have some surprises up its sleeve when Battle Born drops this fall.

Check out the trailer below: