Chris Brown Reaches Out To Cher After Twitter Hacker Claiming To Be Him Threatens Her

We're used to real Twitter beefs at this point, but now it seems we should be on the lookout for hackers trying to stir up trouble after a tweet created by a duplicating site claiming to be Chris Brown reportedly threatened Cher over her political opinions.

Brown has since reached out to the music legend after the fake Twitter account claiming to be him threatened to "beat" her.

"That damn GRANNY b**ch CHER needs to keep her mouth SHUTTTT about her opinion against obama !!! smh she needs a beating," the tweet read, Digital Spy reports.

(This whole thing is even stranger considering Cher is a fan of Obama and recently got into some hot water with conservative groups over tweets dissing presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.)

Cher's fans pointed out the threatening tweet and, as often happens on Twitter, started sending attacks and insults of their own to Brown's Twitter.

After being alerted to the falsified tweets, Brown took to the social network to clarify the situation and even sent some love Cher's way.

Cher responded to Brown yesterday and admitted to being a fan of R&B-dance hitmaker. She wrote, (Ed note: Cher's tweets are sometimes a little difficult to read, though her heart is always in the right place, so, you know, SIC), "Thanks Chris,Appreciate The Sentiment!As artist I'm Always Impressed by u!No war!no throw 'n Shade!Just peace Goin C Pres.2morrow,Am excited."

Apparently Cher's meet-up with the president at a fundraising event went pretty well too. Read on to see what she tweeted about meeting President Obama.

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