Kermit The Frog Seeking Skrillex Collab, While Miss Piggy Voices Love For Adele


By Zachary Swickey

Dubstep icon Skrillex is still riding his insane wave of success following the continuing rise of electronic dance music and it appears even our favorite green friend, Kermit the Frog, is eager to work with the musician.

While Kermit is generally known for more subdued numbers like “Bein’ Green” and the classic “Rainbow Connection,” he’s itching to collaborate with an electronic artist.

"I'd love to collaborate with an electronic artist ... and I'd love to work with Skrillex, even though I've never heard his music," he told the Telegraph. "We don’t get electronic music in the swamp. There’s something about electricity and water that just doesn't mix."

The fuzzy legend and leader of the Muppets posse mentioned has an affinity for dubstep, although he admitted that he’s truly more of a hip-hop head.

"I'm more of a hip-hop frog, but I do like dubstep," he continued. His fellow Muppet and muse Miss Piggy, however, is especially fond of the genre. "Moi simply can't sit still when Moi hears dubstep," she explained. "The bass is so powerful and the whole effect is so mesmerizing and overwhelming! If I were a kind of music, I'd be dubstep."

Although Miss Piggy is clearly quite taken with EDM, she also discussed her love of female vocalists, saying, “I love Lana Del Rey ... Right now, my current fave is, of course, Adele! Beauty, talent, a natural singer – she reminds me of Moi!"

When asked how the Muppet crew celebrated after winning the Oscar for Best Original Song for “Man or Muppet” at this year’s awards, some hijinks apparently ensued: “We all congratulated Bret McKenzie who won the Oscar for writing ‘Man or Muppet."

Then Gonzo spilled the beans on his crew, saying, “And then one of us asked to hold Bret’s Oscar,” to which Fozzie Bear added, “And never gave it back.”