Want To Mortify Adele? Just Write A Song About Her


By Meredith Goldberg-Morse

Adele’s typical post-breakup catharsis seems to take on a unique form—rather than weeping into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while watching "The Notebook," the eight-time Grammy winner consistently converts her heartbreak into multi-platinum records detailing the pain caused by her exes. The 21 singer acknowledges, however, that she’d be "mortified" if the tables were turned. So much so that she just might "f**king s**t" herself. (That's pretty mortified, yes?)

As part of her "Adele Live in London with Matt Lauer" special airing tonight, Adele admits to having regrets about how open she was about her personal life on her first two albums. When asked whether she’d like to take anything back, she confessed, "I do wish I’d kept a lot of things to myself, but I never knew the album was going to be so big."

Considering how she would feel if the situation were reversed and an ex-boyfriend wrote songs about her, Adele also points out a crucial difference: "I’ve never given any names ever, but everyone’s going to know this song’s about me. No one actually knows who my songs are about." Still, the singer intends to "be more wary" about exposing her past relationships going forward, recognizing that her fame "shouldn’t affect people who … it’s got nothing to do with."

But fear not—this change in attitude doesn’t mark the end of the soul-baring singles we’ve come to expect from Adele. "In interviews when I’m explaining my songs, I shouldn’t be so direct about who they’re about," the singer explained, though she concedes that "the songs…can still be really really direct."

So despite her new perspective, potential suitors be warned—you could still end up the hated subject of an Adele song.

Check out a preview of the interview below.