The Kardashians Enjoy Making Elaborate Lip-Synch Videos While On Vacation

We have a theory about the Kardashians. It's not a new theory, to be sure, but there is new evidence to support it.

On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, the Kardashian klan decided to make an elaborate video of themselves lip-synching to Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize." We're not talking about a fun, single-take clip of them singing the song while chilling in their cabana. This vid is edited, features multiple takes and backdrops and some basic, slow-motion effects. They grind on a yacht, Bruce Jenner plays Kris Jenner's butt like bongos and they playfully toss faux money around. The whole thing doesn't agree with our stomach for a number of reasons (please feel free to list yours in the comments below), but mostly because it boggles our mind that this insanely rich family that lives their lives on television can't even manage to put the camera down while on vacation.

And here we are, yet again, watching the whole thing. We're not proud of ourselves right now either.

This isn't the family's first on-vacation lip-synch clip. As Buzzfeed points out, they've done this before – again and again. They've made these same clips during trips to Bora Bora, a ranch, while on the set of their Christmas card photo shoot and now in the DR. All of which begs the questions: Why can't they stop filming themselves? Even if they feel like making these videos, why do they release them to the public instead of keeping them for their personal enjoyment? Why do they think people care? (I suppose because we're writing about it right now, showing that we do – but this isn't a raving endorsement, you know?)

We've always been under the impression that vacations were best spent enjoying the company of friends and family away from the bothers of your professional life. Sure, plenty of people take video of their trips and fill their cameras (and often later their Facebook feeds) with pictures from their travels. But they aren't professional personalities like the Kardashians. You'd think these people would desire a little time spent away from the cameras. And frankly, it comes across like they are rubbing people's noses in their riches, which isn't the best look.

Check out the "Hypnotize" clip and a few other Kardashian vacation videos below. We apologize for any elevations in your blood pressure.

Ultimately, what we're really saying is that narcissistic personality disorder is an actual condition with symptoms, according to the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia, that include preoccupation "with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love," " exaggerate achievements and talents," "have unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment" and "have excessive feelings of self-importance," among many others.

Just sayin.'