‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Finale: Top 5 Behind-The-Scenes Moments

By James Dinh and Uptin Saiidi (@uptin)

New York, NY – It’s been a three-month long TV addiction, but we’ve made it to the very end. On Sunday night (May 20), we took our Trump fandom to the next level and attended the live finale of the Donald’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” which saw talk show staple Arsenio Hall best Clay Aiken for the famed title.

Viewers were treated to a fair share of reality television goodness, but somewhere in between the camera angles and edits were a string of behind-the-scenes moments that didn’t make the air.

So without further ado, peep our five OMG-worthy moments from last night’s Trump event at the American Museum of Natural History:

1.) In between keeping tabs on all the on and off stage antics, it wasn’t hard to catch a glimpse of some familiar faces sitting in the audience. Spotted among the seating crowd in the American Museum of Natural History was last season’s sign language interpreter Jack Jason, Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe and, of course, Donald’s favorite TV receptionist, Amanda.

2.) Aubrey’s Aubtourage was out in full force last night … Or at least a group of them sitting in the upper balcony. Throughout the two-hour long event, the audience members shouted out the pop star’s name, and every time there was a commercial break the stage manager tried to put an end to it by telling them to shout during commercials to get it out of their system. Although he tried to reason with them, they continued shouting, making some of the audience members very annoyed and giving Aubs a good chuckle. No word on if they ended up getting kicked out or not.

3.) Remember when Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall sang their brotherly rendition of “Lean On Me”? Well, the part you didn’t see on TV was that standing in the audience was a production person quickly shuffling through cue cards. That’s right. Are the lyrics of “Lean On Me” really that hard to memorize?

4.) We know there’ve been a lot of feuds on this season and the off-camera tension was palpable. On stage, during commercial breaks, the contestants barely interacted with one another. Although, we could see off-camera there was a genuine friendship between Clay and Aresenio. Lisa and Aubrey were also some of the only contestants to talk during the breaks.

5.) Once the cameras stopped rolling and the confetti fell to the floor, the Trumps and this season’s star competitors stayed on stage for some mingling as friends, family and your average audience attendees were welcomed on stage for a brief chat and a quick photo opp.

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