Adele Turns Down Headlining Spot At Glastonbury As 21 Crosses The 9 Million Mark

By Zachary Swickey

The head honcho of one of the world’s biggest music festivals – England’s iconic Glastonbury Festival – has revealed that he offered the 2013 headlining to vocal powerhouse Adele, but the singer shockingly turned the dream gig down.

While the festival is currently on its traditional break (it does so every five years to maintain the grounds), festival organizer Michel Eavis revealed that when he offered Adele the coveted headlining spot (something unheard of for an artist with just two albums under her belt), she politely declined.

Talking to Britain’s Metro, Eavis explained Adele felt the challenge was “too daunting” of a task, which is understandable since she’s mentioned on many occasion that she prefers intimate theaters over arenas.

“She knows that we want her anyway, but she doesn’t want to do a thing our size. Going on the Pyramid Stage [the main stage] is a bit daunting in front of 80,000 people; it’s a bit much really,” said Eavis.

He mentioned she always attends the festival as a fan and that the door is always open, continuing, “She comes every year usually, and has her own little party.”

While Eavis made no mention of other possible 2013 headliners, he did confirm earlier this year that the main headliners were “already sorted.”

In other not-so-shocking Adele news, the diva has just reached the 9x platinum mark with her chart-smashing hit album 21 – which is still selling 100,000 plus copies a week on the regular. To put that into perspective, it’s only the 29th album in SoundScan history (’91-present) to pull off such a feat.

The achievement is all the more impressive when you consider that albums just aren’t selling as well these days (it’s all about singles), and the singer axed both of her planned US tours due to vocal problems. We can only imagine how much more she could sell if she properly hit the road.

It shouldn’t be too long before we celebrate 21 going diamond with 10 million copies sold – a feat last achieved by Usher’s ’04 effort Confessions.

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