Joe Jonas Recalls The Worst Day Of His Life (Video)

Joe Jonas recently sat down with MTV News, and in the middle of the conversation, he recalled what had to be one of his worst days ever. It was a day that included a stolen bike, a ruined ice cream cone and a loss for his favorite baseball team, the Yankees.

Here’s the tale of woe, straight from the source. He said, “All the time [I go biking]. Actually, my bike was stolen – it really was. I had a bike; literally it was my best friend. I rode it everywhere and in the middle of the day, it was sunny out me and Nick were shopping in SoHo. I locked it up on Prince and Mercer, so it’s a pretty busy street.

“Locked it up, a good lock, I mean it wasn’t a heavy duty lock,” he continued. “And I came back ten minutes later and it was gone … it’s really tough. I’m OK now, but at the time I was pretty depressed.”

Nick, being the good baby bro he is, tried to cheer him up. “Then Nick was like, ’Let me buy you ice cream. It’ll make you feel better,’ cause ice cream makes anyone feel better for that five minutes and then you feel like crap afterwards. But then I dropped my ice cream cone on the ground and everybody around me was literally like, ’Awww.’ It was so sad.”

But, it gets worse. “And then I went to a Yankees game and the Yankees lost horribly,” he added. “It was the worst day ever. I was [like], ’Can I just go to bed now?'”


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