The Top 5 Bonnaroo Scheduling Conflicts

By Zachary Swickey

At long last, the official schedule for this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival – taking place from June 7-10 in Manchester, Tennessee – has been revealed, and in typical music-fest fashion, fans are going to be forced to make some heart-wrenching decisions.

Anyone that has hit up a major music festival, especially one of Bonnaroo’s magnitude, knows that they will inevitably have to choose between two of their favorite acts when scheduling conflicts arise, as they are known to do for even the most casual fans.

Considering the stellar lineup they’ve concocted for this year’s iteration – Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, Bon Iver, the Beach Boys, Foster the People, Skrillex and many more. If you’re attending Bonnaroo, you might want to prepare yourself for some overlap between your favorite artists' sets.

Here are five of our biggest scheduling predicaments. Who would you hit up?

Bon Iver Vs. The Shins

It seems like Sunday’s dilemma between Bon Iver and the Shins is the toughest one to make bar-none as their music is somewhat similar. Bon Iver should be winding down his backing of his ’11 self-titled release, while the Shins just dropped a new album (Port of Morrow) after a five year hiatus. So if you’ve already caught Bon Iver, we recommend giving the Shins a go.

Feist Vs. Ludacris

While this may not seem like a dilemma for some fans, music connoisseurs like myself will have a decision to make. With Luda’s rising acting career, his performances are fewer and farther between, and few can argue the appeal of Feist’s newest offering, Metals. Basically, do you want to have your mind blown by a Canadian singer-songwriter or one of the best lyricists in the rap game? Your move; we're not touching this one.

Fitz & the Tantrums Vs. The Avett Brothers

This one’s a toughie. Both of these bands have broken in the last few years and they’re both known for their spectacular live shows. Fitz and his troupe don their throwback suits and swagger onstage even through the most menacing heat, while the Avett Brothers inherently manage to capture the nostalgia of rock’s glory days. Choose wisely!

The Beach Boys Vs. City & Colour

We’re not too sure if many of the younger folks are eager to catch the Beach Boys on their 50th anniversary reunion tour, but having them play during City & Colour’s set is a genuine predicament. Look, we’re not arguing about the Beach Boy’s legacy, but when your youngest member is 69 years old, you’re likely past your prime no matter who you are. And City & Colour totally rules, so there’s that.

The Roots Vs. Mogwai

This one will have the hipsters scratching their heads. Casual music fans will obviously gravitate toward the Roots thanks in part to their gig as Jimmy Fallon’s house band (not to mention they’re just flat-out incredible), but Scottish rockers Mogwai are one of the most treasured indie acts out there. Also, being from Scotland, they don’t make it to the states often, and occasionally their drummer’s pacemaker can throw a wrench in things. We'd go Mogwai, but only because it'll be easier to catch the Roots at another time – they're not going anywhere.