Rihanna Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of Video Shoot, Continues To Be a Lil Scandalous

Oh, Rihanna. Between ex Chris Brown’s alleged rap freestyle dissing her, rumors that all is simply not well and a health scare that landed her briefly in the hospital, the pop superstar has been having a tough week.

But rather than linger over all the chatter or get down on herself, this weekend Rihanna did what Rihanna does best … post semi-scandalous photos to her Twitter, this time taking fans behind the scenes of her (absolutely stunning!) “Where Have You Been” music video.

Rihanna, Twitter

For those who think the makeup work that turned her into a mermaid-like creature for the swamp scenes was easy, these pictures show it was anything but. It took hours of work to get the diva looking just right for the shoot.

Check out more photos below.

Hey, girl’s gotta eat!

“The Road to Talk That Talk“: