Adele Denies Receiving Naked Lady Birthday Cake From Rihanna

Rihanna loves Adele. Adele loves Rihanna. But the 21 belter did not get a pair of boobies from the Talk That Talk pop star for her birthday. Got it?

Adele took to Twitter this morning to put an end to a widespread rumor that known lover of the erotic arts Rihanna sent her a birthday cake on May 5, her 24th birthday, in the shape of, um, a bare female bust.

The story goes something like this: Sometime Saturday, Adele was milling about her north London flat (bear with our attempt at British-ness here), as she’s wont to do, when she received a caller. Much to her surprise, the mystery visitor came bearing gifts – specifically a cake in the shape of nude female breasts from Rihanna. But wait! There was a card too, which read, ” Happy Birthday to my lover, Adele, the baddest b**ch around. Have the best freaking Bday. Cake cake cake xxx.”

The story seemed plausible enough. After all, if you were going to get a boob cake from any pop star, it would almost certainly be Rihanna, who is known for her naughty sense of humor and occasionally risqué behavior. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be…

While Rihanna did wish the “Rolling in the Deep” Grammy winner a very happy birthday on Twitter, Adele shot down the rumor, tweeting, “Had a lovely birthday, thanks for all the messages. I got a blossom tree! I didn’t get a cake from Rih Rih & I’m not engaged, blah blah x”

Oh well. Maybe next year.

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