Who Will Win ‘The Voice’? (Poll)

The two-night finale of “The Voice” begins tonight (May 7) on NBC and we’re pretty psyched! We’ve been recapping the show all season and can’t wait to find out who America picks as their favorite.

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Though, we have to admit, we’re a little personally divided over who we think should be crowned “The Voice.” The four contestants remaining are equally talented in different ways and each bring something different to the table.

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Check out our breakdown of the remaining contestants and what we think their chances are below and vote after the jump for who you think will be win it all on tomorrow’s finale.

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Read on and vote below!

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake)

Jermaine entered the competition with the most professional experience of any contestant that wasn’t a Mouseketeer as a child. He has been performing for years as a back-up singer for Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige.

Like Juliet Simms (below), the father of four knocked it out of the park during last week’s semifinals, and while Blake chose to evenly divide the 100 points he was given to award, America’s vote went so overwhelming in Paul’s favor that he ultimately tallied the highest score in the competition, a combined 123, establishing Paul as the one to beat (though Tony Lucca is hot on his heels).

Chris Mann (Team Christina)

The Wichita, Kansas-native received a degree in opera from Vanderbilt University and later traveled to Europe when cast in an Italian opera. Throughout the competition, Aguilera has challenged the 29-year-old by giving him pop and rock songs to sing and his classically trained voice has handled each challenge with ease.

He wants to win “The Voice” to prove that perseverance and training pay off, though he is the toughest sell of the final four. His talent cannot be questioned, but his viability as a popular recording artist can. But maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves … after all, Josh Groban and Michael Buble are among the top-selling acts of the last several years.

Tony Lucca (Team Adam)

Lucca famously spent four years singing alongside Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake as a former member of the “Mickey Mouse Club,” but decided to pursue a different path – that of the guitar-slinging singer-songwriter – than his childhood peers. Though he seems to have remained friendly with Timberlake, who pledged his allegiance to Lucca on Twitter, he’s had a tough time on the show with Aguilera, who has criticized his lack of versatility as a performer.

(While we think he is perfectly good at what he does, we don’t disagree with her.)

Despite Aguilera’s protests, Lucca has been a major favorite since day one. Last week, he took both the majority of coach Adam Levine’s score and the popular vote. He and Paul are easily the two to beat in the competition, and since the two are so different, it seems as though the win will likely come down to the voter’s personal taste in music (rock vs. R&B).

Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo)

The 25-year-old indie rocker spent years living on people’s couches in hopes of finally getting signed to a record label. Her most obvious inspiration is Janis Joplin, though she is also a big fan of both David Bowie and Dashboard Confessional.

Simms’ raspy-but-powerful voice has made her a favorite of all the judges throughout the competition, but last week really came into her own in a big way. She knocked season-long fave Jamar Rogers out of the competition by snagging not only the majority of Cee Lo’s vote, but America’s too – besting her teammate 121 to 79. She enters the finals as a wildcard … but if she nails her performance tonight like she did last week, a Simms win is more plausible than some might think.