Prince Harry Inspired To Become Reggae DJ After Meeting Bob Marley’s Widow

By Zachary Swickey

Yes, you read that correctly.

In a story more reminiscent of the ’91 comedy “King Ralph,” where American John Goodman becomes King of England, UK’s The Sun is claiming that Prince Harry is now interested in becoming a music DJ – specifically of the reggae variety following a particularly moving meeting with Bob Marley’s widow on a recent trip to Jamaica.

The Sun reports that the young royal has been stockpiling a huge vinyl music collection of reggae records from “specialist online stores.” The publication also states that Harry has been receiving helpful tips and lessons on how to mix records properly from his DJ friends.

“Harry has always been interested in music, but Jamaica was a real eye opener. He started looking into reggae as soon as he got back to the UK,” the of-course-unnamed source revealed.

Marley’s widow, Rita (who was also a member of his vocal backing group, the I Threes), also uknowingly played a part. “Meeting Rita Marley was a great inspiration too,” the source continued. “She seems to have had a big impact on him.”

As rad as it may seem to picture Prince Harry blasting some Damian Marley at the House of Blues, the source says Harry’s DJ career would likely be restricted to private events (you know, being royalty and all): “He’s unlikely to ever DJ in public — but if he did it’d be the party of the year.”

(Given his known fondness for a good time, we kind of imagine that last part is true.)

The Royal Family has remained mum on Harry’s supposed newfound career, so we’ll remain ever so slightly skeptical for now.

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