Is Jennifer Aniston Dodging Questions About John Mayer’s 'Shadow Days'?

John Mayer

It’s a new day and that means that this rumor that John Mayer’s “Shadow Days” is about ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston just won’t go away.

Earlier this week, a source shared that "he wrote the song as a farewell letter knowing [Jen] would hear it. Ultimately he's done a lot of self reflection though and he realizes they weren't right for each other."

While the rumor went unfounded, according to a new New York Daily News report, which Gossip Cop has rated at a #3 and we’re rating at a number we could care less, the actress skipped a Television Academy Honors ceremony because she didn’t want to deal with reporters asking her about being the alleged inspiration. According to a source, she “was feeling ill at the prospect of being peppered with questions on the subject.”

Another source tells Gossip Cop she actually skipped because she had a real illness. The insider says she didn’t attend “because she came down with a virus.”

We’re assuming it wasn’t the “I’m tired of talking about John Mayer” virus. But, to be honest, we kind of have the “We’re tired of hearing about Jen Aniston and her hot exes” virus. Though, we are not quite tired of “Shadow Days,” which we think might actually be his mea culpa to the world, not just Aniston. We’re also not tired of staring at all her hot exes. That is all.