Childish Gambino Makes First Date Dreams Come True For MTV Newser

By Rya Backer

Childish Gambino was something of a brass ring for First Date. There was a point when I was so desperate to be face to face with the multi-talented star that I took to annoying an intern at the time (HI, TRAVIS!) who once performed with him at the Long Island City venue The Creek and the Cave. When luck there had dissipated, I did the only thing I knew to do: wait very patiently for the next opportunity.

When he was in town recently to shoot episodes of "Hip Hop Squares," I got aggressive once again.

We locked in a date, and fresh off of a viral campaign (first popularized by MTV Splash Page, no less) for him to be Donatello in the upcoming live action revamp of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," we thought it would be only fitting to test his Ninja acumen while getting to know each other better. And where better to pick up on his skills than a restaurant called … wait for it … Ninja? There, we were met with mediocre-at-best food and terrifying-to-say-the-least thrills from the myriad ninjas dedicated to serving and scaring us (you’ll see what they offered up).

Between finally resolving that he’d make for a great live-action ninja and discussing our mutual admiration for the '90s classic "Blank Check," I resolved that any lady would be lucky to have Childish Gambino in her life. He’s hilarious, creative and made me feel safe enough from all the harm that a flying water balloon could offer.