Best Dad Ever Cries Because His Daughter Got to Meet One Direction


While most dads probably only know One Direction as that noise they pound on their daughter’s bedroom doors demanding they turn down, one man in Australia totally gets what it’s like to be obsessed with a boy band and set out to help make his teenage daughter’s dream come true by meeting OneD.

Perhaps the best part of it all though is that he got a little weepy when everything worked out for his little girl. (We know!)

Anthony Lee and his daughter Catie tried everything, according to the Huffington Post, to meet One Direction in person – “every competition, you name it, we’ve done it,” Lee told Australia’s “Today.” But alas, nothing seemed to be working out.

So imagine how happy they were when they were one of just a handful of people who caught the entire band leaving a photo shoot. Lee explained that he teared up because Catie was so happy. “Just seeing her happy because she tried so hard,” he said. “She tried so hard for everything.”

(And because their story has won so much attention, “Today” gave them tickets to One Direction’s next concert … which caused a whole other crying display.)

Check out the happiness below.

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