New Britney Spears Song Leak Makes Us Wonder If Her Best Stuff Is Often Unreleased

Last night, yet another unreleased Britney Spears song leaked online and it got us thinking about the seemingly never-ending run of leaked Brit-Brit songs and what many of them have in common.

“Ouch” is a fantastic, mid-tempo jam about heartbreak with a clean beat and a strong vocal performance from Spears, whose vibrato is on point throughout the two-minute snippet that appeared on the web. We love Britney and have a pretty good feel for her oeuvre and think “Ouch” is at least as good as, if not way better than, well, about half of what makes it on any given Britney album.

(Listen here.)

Like many pop stars, Britney records tons of songs for each planned album and along with her producers, A&R people, management and, goodness sakes who knows, the pool guy, edits it down to a 12-ish song set that (hopefully) feels like one coherent entity. That leaves plenty of good tracks, including “Ouch,” on the cutting room floor.

Many of those discarded songs have found their way online and given how good some of them are, we had a thought. Why not release an EP of the best of Britney’s discarded gems. Something comparable in length to Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster EP. We could call it Britney: The Cutting Room Floor Collection. Or Britney: Look At All These Great Songs I Forgot To Release, Y’all. Maybe Britney: The Best of the Rest. (If you have a better idea, feel free to share it in the comments below!)

So, with “Ouch” already on the roster, we need six more songs that leaked online without an official release. Let’s get started!

>> “Everyday

This simple ballad features what is perhaps inarguably Spears’s best vocal performance ever. Like her idol Madonna, Brit isn’t really known for her voice, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad – once stripped of all the autotune and digital flourishes, it’s actually quite good. Also like Madonna, Spears’ singing voice is a distinct, easily identifiable instrument capable of conveying a surprising amount of emotion and personality, proving you don’t have to be a belter to stir listeners. Every time one of your hater friends says “Britney Spears can’t sing for s**t” please forward them this song and ask them how crow tastes.

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