Diplo Talks Life After Music, Hanging In The Jungle With Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne


By Zachary Swickey

Diplo talked to us at length about several upcoming projects when we caught up with him at the first stop of the “AXE One Night Only Tour,” which finds the Philly-based producer/DJ invading seven college campuses around the states performing in intimate venues for absolutely free.

Considering just how busy the DJ has been the last several years, we couldn't help but wonder if all the ruckus was going to send him into hiding sometime soon.

“I might. I might go into hiding after the Major Lazer tour is over, because I think 'Express Yourself' might be a single for like an album I’m doing,” Diplo told MTV News.

“I’ve had so many things I’ve been doing here and there, I never have time to sit and mix down records and shoot videos. Because I want to shoot a video for every song now," he continued. "It’s like that’s what the culture is about – your videos. You’re making money on ad revenue for your videos now and stuff like that. You have to find new ways and I’ve always been involved in film. So to combine all your songs and videos is like the perfect combination I guess for the future.”

A lesser known fact about the red hot DJ is that he graduated from Temple University’s film school and that got us wondering if he had any aspiritions to enter the movie business.

“Yeah, as soon as I start becoming less and less relevant as a performing DJ, I plan on doing more and more film work for sure. I think I’d like to direct," he said. "I was even talking to Wayne [Coyne of the Flaming Lips] about doing a film project with him actually. I want to get more involved with film somehow."

Since he has everyone’s attention through his music, Diplo feels now is the time to direct. “You know, I kind of started doing film ten years ago when I was in film school and not many people paid attention to it," he explained. "But having a pedestal now for people to listen to me with music, I have a better chance of working on a bigger scale than I was used to."

On Twitter, Diplo mentioned "goin to the jungle" with Coyne and the Lips, so we had to try and squeeze some info out of him about the strange event. Read on for more.

“It was cool man. I can’t believe that we hung out in the jungle," he said. "It was like two days ago. We went out to a waterfall, and smoked a little weed. Well, I did, I don’t know if he did. And he’s just f**king crazy – he’s in the jungle with a f**king suit on all day.”