Lady Gaga Unfazed By South Korean Concert Age Restrictions

Pop diva Lady Gaga is set to kick off her massive “Born This Way Ball” at Seoul, South Korea’s Olympic Stadium later this month, but when she does, she’ll be performing for an audience made up exclusively of adults.

The Korea Media Rating Board decided late last week to elevate the age rating for the concert from 12 to 18, prohibiting minors from seeing the show. The Board notified Gaga’s tour promotion company and a sponsor of the change in age restrictions on Thursday but did not offer a reason why the show – which is still in rehearsals and has not been reviewed publicly – was considered unsuitable for children under 18.

While she seems hopeful that the South Korean government agency will reconsider before the April 27 concert, Gaga took to Twitter to thank for fans, particularly her adult supporters in South Korea, for speaking out on her behalf.

She also assured fans that the ban wasn’t really impacting her ticket sales – the Wall Street Journal reports that just 1 percent of the 38,000 tickets sold prior to the rating change had been bought by teens – and offered words of support to parents who work hard to make sure the entertainment viewed by their children is appropriate.

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