Blake Shelton And Adam Levine: Breaking Down Their Love

The world seems to be obsessed with the bromance friendship (that’s the term they prefer, it seems) between "The Voice" judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. We here at MTV News have been aware of it for some time, which is why when we caught up with Shelton at a recent event we asked him all about it.


So, imagine our my surprise when I headed over to on Wednesday morning and read that my question had left such a stamp on Shelton’s life that he was still talking about it in interviews weeks later.

Here’s the direct quote from Shelton in People, making reference to this article I wrote a couple weeks back where he jokes about wanting to kiss Adam: "A few weeks ago somebody asked me, 'What about you and Adam's bromance. Is there anything to it?' And I sputtered off, 'Yeah, I'm going to make out with him.' The next thing you read is, 'Blake wants to kiss Adam.' Man, I can't believe how ... How honest I was. But it's fun. It's just like we're sitting around the bar, making jabs at each other."

Now, I find it totally flattering that Mr. Shelton would remember my question and our encounter with such accuracy when asked about it. And, perhaps, in the end, the romance is not with him and Adam, but with him and, well, someone else…