Madonna's MDNA Leaks Online


A week ahead of its U.S. release, Madonna's MDNA has leaked online. The album reportedly began showing up on some illegal file-sharing websites yesterday (March 19).

Contact Music reports that Madge's manager Guy Oseary has been on leak watch for a while and is asking fans to police them, writing in a series of tweets, "Please police all leaks for us... Much appreciated... It's more luck than anything else... We are grateful that no leaks have occurred... I've done my best... I'm sure it won't hold for much longer... I'm hopeful, but we are too close now... So I'm realistic..."

It goes without saying that you should go out and purchase MDNA when it drops next week. Show some respect for the music industry, the law and Madonna and don't steal it. But since it's out there and all over YouTube, people are talking about it, so we're breaking down our four favorite tracks, after the jump.

"Turn Up The Radio"

We've already covered this one. It's a big, anthemic dance-pop wonder with glittery synths and fun lyrics like "I don't know how I got to this stage / Let me out of my cage cause I'm dying / Turn up the radio, turn up the radio / Don't ask me where I wanna go, we gotta turn up the radio." It's also a perfect summer song and if Madonna has her wits about her, she'll make it her next single!

"Gang Bang"

Ah, the song everyone is talking about. So dark. So beat driven. So heavy. It's also damn good and a near perfect club track. "Gang Bang" packs a thumping wallop, and with lyrics like "I thought it was you/ And I loved you the most/ But I was just keeping my enemies close/ I made a decision, I would never look back/ So how did you end up with all my jack?" it's taking no prisoners. This song is easily going to be the fan favorite of the album. It's like an Erotica track remixed by a modern DJ. Oddly, it's one of William Orbit's contributions to the album and its pulsating darkness is unlike anything the Ray of Light producer has ever cooked up for the Queen of Pop.

"I'm Addicted"

This one is geared strictly for the dance floor. With its digital bleeps and driven breakdown, "I'm Addicted" wouldn’t seem out of place on M's classic Confessions on a Dance Floor. Produced and written by Madonna, dance music master Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi, the track swirls and twirls in a way that reminds us of "Jump." If you're not chanting "MDNA" by the end, you have no soul.

"I F**ked Up"

Love it! We just … love it! We can't believe it's a bonus track and not on the proper album. When we first listened to the album, we wrote "electronic slow-jam" in our notes. Produced and written by Madonna and Martin Solveig, it is lyrically one of the strongest tracks on the whole of MDNA, deluxe edition or otherwise. We just … Listen for yourself below. (Madonna posted it to her channel, so it's legit to post.)