Lindsay Lohan On 'Lockdown' To Avoid Any Run-Ins With The Law


After finding herself in a near-miss situation with a paparazzi photographer last week, Lindsay Lohan has put herself on "lockdown" until her probation ends on March 29.

Apparently tired of the jail/fine/community service cycle she's been in for years – random fact: probation violations aside, can you guess the actual crime Lindsay is still paying for? (It's a 2007 DUI) – Lohan is putting her head down and going into hiding to avoid even the possibility of more trouble.

According to her rep (via TMZ), Lindsay is "very focused on completing her community service" and has been getting great progress reports from her judge.

So, with her recent highly rated "SNL" hosting stint behind her and filming on the TV movie "Dick & Liz" set to commence shortly, the reportedly clean-and-sober actress would rather hang in than risk having anything happen to jeopardize her completing her probation and community service.

"They made it seem like she's locked in her bedroom and is not allowed to come out for the next 3 weeks. Definitely not true," a source tells US Weekly. "She has said she's wanted to lay low and is looking forward for all of this to be over."

Freedom is so close she can taste it. Get it, Linds!

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