Check Out A Pre-Fame Adele Jamming With An Acoustic Guitar


Just a few years ago, Adele was another high school kid with a dream. Of course, she also had a once-in-a-generation voice and a charisma to spare, so it's only natural that she went on to become a superstar.

And now we have proof that the powerhouse voice that blew everyone else off the stage at last month's Grammy Awards has been there all along. Video shot by a high school friend of a 16-year-old Adele singing an early, acoustic version of her song "Daydreamer," which appears on her hit 2008 debut 19, was provided to Britain's The Sun and showcases her amazing voice … and a bit of the fun-loving attitude that makes Adele such a fun-favorite.

"It was clear she was going to be a star. Some people were that step above everyone else. And Adele was one of them," Allan Rose, a classmate at London's BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, told The Sun. She's clearly stayed grounded. She was bubbly, fun, outgoing and popular at school. ... Everyone is proud we spent time with this amazing talent."

The BRIT School for Performing Arts has a long history of producing top-notch talent. Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Jessie J and Kate Nash all attended BRIT and it is where the band The Kooks came together.

Check out video of 16-year-old Adele performing a stripped-down, early version of a song that would go on to be one of her first hits, after the jump.