Diplo Hitting the Road For College Guerilla Tour With Chiddy Bang

By Zachary Swickey

After Girl Talk’s successful invasion of college campuses late last year, producer/DJ Diplo is ready to do the same later this month with hip-hoppers Chiddy Bang in tow.

The concert series, dubbed the “AXE One Night Only Tour,” began in 2010 with gigs from TI and Weezer, and has evolved into a bona fide guerilla college campus invasion of sorts beginning with Girl Talk’s low-key 2011 dates.

The tour offers a chance for fans to see their favorite acts (for free!) in much more intimate settings than they’re used to. For example, we witnessed Girl Talk perform for around 200 people when he’s used to playing for thousands of rabid fans. Keeping things spontaneous, each show will be announced on AXE’s Facebook and Twitter pages just days before it takes place.

If you want to snatch tickets to the exclusive event, you’ll have to track down the AXE truck that will be roaming around the college campuses. (Don’t worry as it’ll surely be noticeable and hit up the high-traffic areas in each city.) No tickets will be sold, so it’s your only chance. Each ticket comes with a “plus one,” but to ensure they fill up each venue to capacity, they’re giving out more tickets than there are spots available – so get there early is what we’re sayin’.

Diplo and Chiddy Bang are expected to hit seven college towns and the tour kicks off on March 27 with the location of the first date being announced on March 23. Keep your eyes peeled and in the meantime chill out to Diplo’s awesome Usher collab “Climax” or lose your mind to his new dance jam “Express Yourself.”

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