Diplo's Mad Decent Label Launches First-Listen Subscription Service


By Zachary Swickey

Philly-based DJ/producer Diplo has launched a new digital subscription service for his personal label, Mad Decent. The site – Mad Decent Premium – is being touted as an “exclusive club” for fans to hear new music from the label.

The pay-for site will give members first-listen access to all of the label’s releases in addition to remixes, mixtapes, live sets, videos, a membership card and a discount at their merch store for all your Mad Decent swag.

The site is said to work in the same fashion as recent streaming service Spotify – a user can stream and download as much content as they’d like from any computer for a flat fee of $10 a month.

To help get things started, Decent is giving a free T-shirt to the first 50 people who sign up and free stickers for the first 250.

If you need further incentive, you’ll automatically get several of the label’s notable releases, including Diplo’s brnad new Express Yourself, Mad Decent Jeffree’s Vol. 2 mixtape, Po Po’s Dope Boy Magick, and the Mad Decent super pack, which includes unreleased tracks by Diplo.

The announcement comes on the heels of the music video release for “Climax” – the hot, new Usher track that Diplo produced. For those expecting a party-smashing club-banger – Diplo is known to make some of those – the track is a subdued and sexy surprise. “Climax” showcases the range of Diplo’s production skills (not to mention Usher’s finest vocal work in quite some time). The track is a slow, sexy departure from his typical work - listen for yourself below.