Olivia Munn Laughs Off Nude Pic Scandal With Jokey Letter And Pic At SXSW Screening

People are still talking about the nude pics of Olivia Munn that showed up online last week after a hacker broke into her phone and leaked the images, but the starlet is taking it all in stride and is even laughing off the experience by fighting fire with fire.

(Soapbox: We get that, for one reason or another, people are super interested in celebrity nude pics, but can we please stop hacking their cell phones? It’s a pretty cold thing to do. Snapping a pic of someone when they are out in public – fine. Breaking into and stealing their private property – not OK and pretty illegal.)

While Munn’s pictures were not particularly explicit, the writing on them, allegedly by Munn, was. Like, VERY. The images had graphic text superimposed on them, most of which were instructions, and arrows pointing to where to, um, carry out her directions. They were basically illustrated sex instructions and they were something.

Well, this weekend at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, Munn was unable to attend a screening of her film “The Babymakers” because she was filming HBO’s Aaron Sorkin series “The Newsroom,” but she sent a fun letter with the film’s director apologizing for her absence and detailing what she was doing when she wasn’t sending lewd texts. She also included a picture of herself with some superimposed text to mock the mini-scandal. Both are kind of awesome.

“Oh, and one last thing – some of those pictures weren’t even me,” Munn at one point writes. “I mean, you can’t even see my penis…”

You know you want to read it. Check both letter and pic out after the jump.