Metallica Recruit ‘Predators’ Director For Mysterious 3D Film Project

By Zachary Swickey

Metal juggernauts Metallica have been quietly planning a mysterious 3D feature film project and now the group has found the director for the task: Hungarian filmmaker Nimród Antal.

Described as a “marriage of narrative and concert,” the film will include all five Metallica band members with Antal aiming for a summer 2013 release. The group has been hush of any more details, but considering their ’04 documentary “Some Kind of Monster,” which showcased the members in group therapy – it’s bound to be interesting.

Antal, while born in Los Angeles, headed back to his heritage in Hungary in 1991 – attending film school there and completing his award-winning debut film “Kontroll” in 1997. In 2005, Antal moved back to California and has been working in Hollywood ever since. His directing credits include ‘07’s “Vacancy” with Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. His most recent effort, “Predators,” was a (financially successful) reboot of the Schwarzenegger classic that starred Adrian Brody.

However, it was Antal’s debut that generated interest from Metallica. “I’ve been a fan of Nimród’s since his first Hungarian film, ‘Kontroll,’ showed up at Cannes in 2004 and blew everybody away,” said drummer Lars Ulrich. “I’ve watched with excitement his career in Hollywood blossom over the last few years. Within five minutes of meeting him I was addicted to his enthusiasm, his take on the creative process and his ’thinking outside of the box’ personality. Let’s get on with it!”

There’s no telling what Metallica has up their sleeves. After releasing a candid documentary and a scrapped video game project in 2003, the group seems up for anything.

Antal will begin shooting the untitled Metallica 3D film in August.

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