Kid Rock To Perform Charitable Concert With Detroit Symphony Orchestra

By Zachary Swickey

There are plenty of things one typically associates with rocker Kid Rock and his music – booze, women and trucks to name a few – but symphony doesn’t usually come to mind. However, believe-it-or-not, Rock is planning a special evening for his Twisted Brown Trucker Band to be joined by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in his hometown.

On May 12, Rock and Twisted Brown Trucker will have one special performance with the symphony at the town’s 5,000 capacity Fox Theatre with proceeds going to the institution.

“As a musician, a cultural institution like that in Detroit is important, and I thought I could do it. I thought it would be something different to play with an orchestra and do something great,” Rock told Billboard about the unique engagement and also mentioned that he’s never attended a Detroit Symphony Orchestra performance before.

The concert is still in the “early stages” of development, but Rock hopes to use Rob Mathes, musical director of the annual Kennedy Center Honors, to handle the orchestral arrangements. Rock says any of his tunes are a possibility. “I hear a big symphonic opening to ‘Born Free,’ where I’m singing behind this big orchestration that builds up to the payoff of the song,” Rock stated.

“I want to do stuff that does fit and I want to do stuff that absolutely doesn’t fit and … just do stuff that’s different. It’s not going to be a show people have seen before at all, in any regard. All I can guarantee is it’ll be interesting,” Rock further elaborated.

If you want to grab your tickets for Rock’s symphonic evening, prices are $100-$1,500, with special VIP amenities from $750. Rock has even mentioned adding another date if the first show sells out quickly.
The benefit is just one of the things on Rock’s burgeoning schedule, which includes the recent debut of his PBS “Live From the Artists Den” episode, his annual “Chillin’ the Most Cruise” from April 26-30, and recording the follow-up to Born Free, which Rick Rubin will once again be “somewhat” involved in.