Why Janet Jackson Is Perfect For ‘The X Factor’

After a slightly uncomfortable interview with Anderson Cooper on his daytime talk show, where she hesitated when asked if she would be joining “The X Factor” only to turn around and say that while she wasn’t a judge on Simon Cowell’s primetime reality singing competition right now “that’s all I really think I should say,” speculation is rampant that Janet Jackson has been approached to join the show.

And if the rumors are true, we’re all for it! Jackson would be a great addition to the FOX competition and would bring the industry expertise and attitude necessary to add a little spark to the flailing program.

One of the things that has worked so effectively for “The Voice” is the fact that its judges/mentors are all still active as artists. As we noted in our recap of this week’s episode, it’s kind of interesting and exciting to watch the judges battle it out for team members using the other’s status and activity in the industry. When Christina Aguilera contended that she could pay more attention to a contestant because she wasn’t currently touring, Blake Shelton countered that while he was indeed on the road, he’d taken his season one “Voice” finalist Dia Frampton with him … something he could likely offer his top contestant this season as well.

That’s not something Paula Abdul or Nicole Scherzinger could offer. Abdul hasn’t released an album since 1995 (her discography contains only three records total) and Scherzinger can’t even seem to get her own solo debut released in the U.S., having seen its release pushed back several times when single after single went nowhere. Who are they to critique the voices and careers of fledgling singers? We like Abdul as much as the next guy, but her daffy shenanigans don’t really bring anything to the table other than something fun for viewers to point at and talk about the next day.

Sure, Jackson isn’t in her prime but she is still an active artist, one who launched a successful (and occasionally sold out) greatest hits world tour just last year. Her achievements tower over Abdul’s – Jackson is one of the most successful female musical artists ever, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide, and she’s experienced recent success on the big screen as well, courtesy of her good relationship with Tyler Perry (“Why Did I Get Married Too?”). The advice she’d offer “X Factor” contestants could prove indispensible.

Not to belabor the point, but it boils down to this – Who would you, as a musician, rather get advice from, six-time Grammy winner Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul and or Nicole Scherzinger? The answer is pretty clear and it’s why Jackson would be perfect for “The X Factor.”