Adele Lives In A Very Big House With A Helicopter Landing Pad

What an awfully big house you have, Adele!

One of the things we love so much about Adele is that she seems like a down-to-earth girl you’d like to go to the bar pub with for a few drinks. She’s neither pretentious nor exhausting and seems like an all-around normal person.

But there’s one element of her life that is far from normal – her new digs! Rolling deep in some cash from her blockbuster album 21, the pop star is currently renting a MASSIVE, 10-bedroom multimillion dollar mansion in West Sussex, England, for nearly $24,000 a month.

“Fed up with paparazzi staking out her home in London, she’s just rented this very large, but very private home in the English country side,” Anderson Cooper said during Adele’s pre-Grammy “60 Minutes” interview as the British songstress gave the anchor a tour of the home.

“This is just safety, this house,” Adele said. She even called the mansion, which Cooper revealed remains mostly unfurnished, a “cliché” but it’s sadly apparently a necessary one. The paparazzi and tabloid press in her native England have become so intrusive that she sometimes plants semi-fictional stories within her own entourage to root out the rats. Once she sees the falsified details splashed across the papers, she knows who around her is talking to the press and fires them. Her new palace is really more of a hideaway so she can escape all the bull.

Having snitches in your midst is an unfortunate byproduct of notoriety (everyone wants a piece of you), but as you’d expect, Adele seems to have her head on straight about the whole thing.

Take a tour of the house, after the jump.

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