It’s Time For An Usher Greatest Hits Album

This morning, we were enjoying our morning java buzz and chatting with our colleagues in the MTV Newsroom about the happenings in music and pop culture when the conversation turned to Usher’s new Diplo-produced jam “Climax.” The song is a slick, sexy electro-pop ballad that features perhaps Usher’s best (falsetto!) vocal performance in a long time. (Listen to it after the jump!)

The R&B superstar and his producer engaged in some fun and frank talk about the track on Twitter, with Diplo tweeting, “Seriously the best record I’ve been part of. Really proud of it. I’m pretty sure in 9 months there are gonna be a lot of new babies that this song is responsible for.” Usher’s response? “Yeah…I hope they don’t name the babies Usher too…I don’t need them problems…lol.”

That seems about right.

With the Newsroom buzzing about Usher’s latest hit, one of his earliest smashes, “My Way,” coincidentally started playing on MTV, bearing the hashtag “#classic.” It got us thinking: Why has Usher never released a greatest hits album? The smooth superstar has so many hits to his name it would almost have to be a double disc (for those who still buy CDs, that is) and it would most definitely be a smash.

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