Swedish Duo Qulinez Set To Unleash 'Troll' On Steve Angello's Size Records


By Adam Stewart

If the idea of having your eardrums explode and your chest crushed by disgustingly filthy riffs and thunderous bass lines turns you on, then we suggest you become quickly acquainted with Qulinez and their Scandinavian beast "Troll" , which will be released tomorrow, February 10.

Pronounced "Cool Lines," Swede's Johannes Gustafson and Alex Lager's exotic moniker has been plastered all over set lists from Arty to Pete Tong and everyone in between. Recently, the boys took some time away from the studio and their busy schedule to give MTV News a little insight in to who they are and just what they’re capable of.


“I grew up in a small town called Laholm, with my mom, dad and my sister,” Gustafason says. “I didn’t like the school time so much, because I wasn’t so interested in studying. I choose the music classes and that was the best part of the school.”

“I grew up in the town we still live in, Varberg,” Lager added. “I grew up with my mom, dad and sister too and wasn’t the best in school either!”

Luckily for them, focusing a more on music and less on who won the Battle of 1812 has brought them to the cusp of global dance music recognition.

“I played a lot of instruments in my early days, drums, guitar, bass, and piano, I got my first drum set when I was eight and my first guitar when I was ten,” says Gustafson. “Back in the day, I played in some punk rock bands as well, so my music background is large.”

“I played the triangle for many years now, but all I got was tinnitus!” says Lager with a laugh. “I don’t have as much of a musical background. I was 15 years old when I first got Fruity Loops Studio, so I guess I started to produce at that moment.”

Now, they are receiving recognition from dance music’s most elite acts.

“When Steve [Angello] contacted us by email, I was the first who read it,” Alex recalled. “I tried to call Johannes many times but, like always, he didn’t answer the phone! So I had to drive my car to him and wake him up! Then he opened the door and I was like, ‘WE’VE GOT MAIL FROM STEVE ANGELLO AND HE WANT TO SIGN US!’ So we started to jump around, and the whole apartment was shaking!”

Angello’s Size Records imprint has been one of the most influential and prominent tastemakers in the EDM underground for the past two years. Having given light to such talent such as Thomas Gold, Junior Sanchez, Tim Mason, Third Party and many others, getting the nod from one of house music’s biggest names and most respected labels has these young Swedes in disbelief.

“To have a blessing from Swedish House Mafia is unbelievable and awesome,” Gustafson gushed. “We don’t yet understand what to think!”

Now that the “Troll” is about to be let out from under its bridge, many are wondering what else the boys have up their sleeves.

“We have a lot of new tracks, remixes and bootlegs. We´re working on new things every day, including a new single to follow up on 'Troll' – it's a heavy bouncing track, with a lot of energy,” Lager says with a laugh. “We think it will be a good upcoming track after 'Troll,' but if we say too much, we will have to kill you.”

You can get your hands on “Troll” this tomorrow on Beatport, and be sure to follow the guys on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all they’ve got brewing in their lab!