Madonna's Super Bowl Performance: Hot Or Not? (Poll)


Last night's Super Bowl was, as usual, one of the most-viewed televised events of the year, with football fans from coast to coast tuning in to see the New York Giants and the New England Patriots go head-to-head for the NFL championship. (The Giants won the game 21-17. Go, New York!)

But here in the MTV Newsroom, we've been obsessing for the last week about the half-time show. From the rumored setlist and the stage to the whispers about who would appear and Madonna's love it-or-hate-it new song, we waited with bated breath to see if the Queen of Pop would pull of what was, arguably, the biggest show of her career?

We've already voiced our opinion, so now it's your turn! Vote in our poll below and let us know if you loved or hated Madonna's Super Bowl half-time performance.