John Legend Takes On Tim Tebow Mania With ‘Extra-ordinary Tebow’ Parody Tune

Sure, he won’t be playing in Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN, this Sunday, but some people just can’t let go of Tim Tebow mania. From his faith to his Jokey underwear campaign, the Denver Broncos’ quarterback is a lightening rod, but Grammy winner John Legend has had enough.

A big sports fan, Legend visited ESPN yesterday to appear on ESPN2’s “First Take” after contacting commentator Skip Bayless via Twitter to request a throw-down – which has become an odd sort of hip-hop/R&B tradition, with LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, Common and Queen Latifah all stopping by “First Take” to take him on.

Legend spent the full episode debating the day’s sports topics with Bayless and Stephen A. Smith but it should come as no surprise that Bayless’ passionate support for Tebow was one of the hottest topics.

The soulful singer later put his feelings on the matter into song, spoofing his own smash “Ordinary People” by turning it into “Extra-ordinary Tebow.”

“Now it’s the Super Bowl, and while you are sitting home, Skip and Stephen debate you every day,” Legend sang, “Extra-ordinary Tebow, your power we can’t know.” Legend went on to conclude that while it’s understandable to discuss Tebow, “Skip won’t you let it go.”

Check it out, after the jump!

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