Britney Spears To Guest On ‘Modern Family’? Maybe

Last night, Twitter nearly caught fire with buzz that Britney Spears was set to appear on ABC’s award-winning ratings smash “Modern Family.” So prevalent and widespread was the chatter, that the Princess of Pop actually responded to the rumors, taking to Twitter to say, “I would love to be on it!”

The rumor took off after Spears tweeted that she knew everyone was very excited for Sunday’s Super Bowl, but she was more hyped for the next episode of the “funniest show on TV.”

After that, Spears’ army of fans on the social network began a hashtag campaign to #getbritneyonmodernfamily.

What’s especially strange though is that when a source close to the show was contacted by Ryan Seacrest’s team to comment on the rumor, they said that no deal was in place “but wouldn’t say whether or not they were in talks about it.” In showbiz speak, not issuing a hard denial is pretty much code for maybe. (Goes back to the whole “no comment means yes” thing.)

The pop star has plenty of experience when it comes to guesting on popular network comedies. In 2006 she appeared on “Will & Grace” and in 2008 earned positive reviews for her two-episode arc on CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother.”

Spears did admit she can’t wait to see her girl’s Madonna and Nicki Minaj tear it up on Sunday. Check out what she had to say below.