Avicii And Ash Visit New York City Rescue Mission (Video)

By Akshay Bhansali

On Tuesday (January 31) Avicii wraps up “House for Hunger,” his 27-date American tour that sees a portion of the proceeds – $1 million to be exact – going toward combating hunger in the U.S. through Feeding America. It’s an endearing undertaking for Tim Bergling, stage-name Avicii, and his manager and executive producer, Ash Pournouri, both of whom hail from Sweden, who are showing their support to a country that has given them so much over the past few years.

And rather than simply write a check, Avicii and Ash took matters into their own hands, literally, by recently visiting the New York City Rescue Mission to feed hungry New Yorkers and pack grocery bags for individuals and families in need.

MTV News tagged along for the inspiring ride. Check out the video below:


Avicii and Ash were given a tour of NYRM’s daily feeding operation, an effort that feeds about 400 hot meals every day. After donning aprons and hats and serving lunches, Joe Little, NYRM’s public relations manager, invited the two Swedes to join the Pantry Program, an amazing operation that distributes 150 to 200 bags of groceries daily.

“Avicii (and Ash) being here helps us to galvanize our efforts today,” Little said. “But it also helps bring the spotlight here. There’s an excitement in the air. There’s a buzz in the air!”

But in the end, it was Ash and Avicii who were in awe of the daily undertaking of the New York City Rescue Mission. “We’ve been serving food,” Ash said. “We’ve been talking to everyone that works here. Truly inspiring people. It just feels like a blessing to be able to do this. Seeing people’s faces. We wanted to help people and we can see that we are doing that.”

“Our business, our people in the music industry as a whole, should be sharing their success,” Ash continued. “We’re doing it. And we already know that other people are inspired. But the more the better.”

“Numbers on paper, are always numbers on a paper,” Avicii added. “But when you actually get to meet the people, that makes such a big difference. Everyone should get down here when they get a chance just to see it for themselves.”

For more information on The New York City Rescue Mission and Feeding America, or to make a donation, head here.