Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Team Up For Hilarious Viral Video, Renew Our Faith In Marriage

Our favorite married couple, "Will & Grace" Emmy winner (and ever-present sitcom guest star) Megan Mullally and "Parks and Recreation" star Nick Offerman, have made a music video … and it showcases everything we love about them.

The hilarious pair sing a country-western love song with a twist – he's a paleontologist and she's a creationist. Uh oh! Lovebirds with a very different point of view on a controversial topic. Seems ripe for parody and Offerman and Mullally do not disappoint!

The clip is loaded with the same off-the-wall humor that makes the pair's onscreen collaboration on "Parks and Rec" (she plays his crazy ex-wife) so awesome.


Is there any way we can pass a law that, regardless of what happens down the road, these two can never ever in a hundred million years get a divorce? They are the perfect team and give us faith that love still exists in this sad world!


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