LA Reid Confirms New Fiona Apple Music Is On The Way

Good news!

LA Reid hit Twitter to pump up the spring slate from his Epic Records and in the process revealed that Fiona Apple's long-finished follow-up to 2005's Extraordinary Machine will finally he hitting stores – perhaps very soon!

"Lots of good music coming from @Epic_Records in the next few weeks," Reid tweeted. "Stay tuned music fans. Welcome back Fiona! #BeEpic."

When asked by one of his followers, Reid went on to clarify that, yes, he was indeed referring to Apple. Billboard reports that her album was originally due out in the spring of last year but has been held up for unknown reasons. During a November concert in Los Angeles, the always-frank singer-songwriter told the crowd that she wasn't able to remember how to play any of the songs on the new album because "they've been done for a f**king year."

We're pretty excited for new music from Fiona! Are you? Let us know in the comments below!