William Orbit Teases Possible New Blur Material


By Zachary Swickey

It seems that DJ/producer Willliam Orbit has let news slip (in an admittedly roundabout way) that he is working with reunited UK rockers Blur in the studio – who as of yet have only gotten back together for live performances.

Blur, of course, is the '90s alt-rock act led by Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn, who also records albums in the Congo and writes experimental operas in his free time.

Orbit – who produced much of Madonna’s experimental '08 effort Ray of Light and Blur’s 13 and is working again with the Material Girl on her latest effort, M.D.N.A.posted a tweet to record label, World Circuit Records, about their artist Fatoumata Diawara, reading, “I just found out that she [Diawara] has done tracks with Damon A, who I’m in the studio with from Wednesday!”

Considering the wealth of projects that “Damon A” is involved with – there’s no telling which one Orbit is referring to. However… Orbit also happened to tweet at Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, saying, “Hi Graham! Loving the guitars you laid down! Vocal session March 3!” (Can’t help but make you curious, right?)

Blur originally reunited back in July 2009 for two monumental performances at London’s Hyde Park, which sold out 50,000 tickets in hours. Albarn and Co. have hinted at making new tunes ever since but have been non-committal about their plans.

Coxon admitted early last year that the group had reconvened to record but that the sessions were “private” and might eventually see the light in “six years or something.”